What is a hybrid mouse pad?

A hybrid pad is a cloth pad that has a polymer coating. It combines the soft feeling of the cloth pad with the smooth glide of a hard plastic pad. In fact our hybrid pad is smoother and glides better than any hard plastic pad we have tested.

There are three main types of mouse pads.

Hard surface mouse pads.

Made of a hard material such as metal, glass or plastic. + Good glide
- Non-absorbent. Sweat stays on the surface and can result in uneven glide and feel
- Can wear down your mouse’ feet
- Some can have tracking problems with certain mice

Soft surface mouse pads

Usually has a rubber base and a textile top + Good feel
+ Absorbs sweat so you do not get stuck
+ Nice to your mouse’ feet
- Bad glide

Hybrid mouse pads

Is based on the soft surface mouse pad with rubber base and a textile top but with a polymer coating giving it the best from the hard surface and the soft surface mouse pads. + Good feel
+ Absorbs sweat so you do not get stuck
+ Nice to your mouse’ feet
+ Good glide

How good are our gaming pads?

They are very good! noidpad has been in the mouse pad business for 8 years. Before that we worked for one of the larger mouse pad brands in gaming or participated in competitive gaming on a world-class level. We have, both as sponsors and as gamers, met and talked to thousands of other gamers about mouse pads. We listened, tried, compared and learned.

Based on our experience we started to manufacture our own mouse pads. They are not like the competition - they are better. We know that there is not one pad that is best for all, but, if you like hybrid pads - like we do - and if you like a really good glide, then there is no hybrid pad better than the noidpad, guaranteed!

I do not have Paypal. Can I buy a noidpad?

Yes! You can ask any bank to help you. Mail your order to "order (at) noidpad.com". If you want a noidpad custom, remember to include the graphic file that you want to us to print. We will e-mail you the information you need to make the bank transfer.

How do you clean the noidpad?

It is best and easiest cleaned with a little luke warm soapy water. Rinse it in clean cold water, wipe it off with a clean towel and let it dry thoroughly.

What is the delivery time?

We try to deliver as soon as possible. Please allow us 5 working days for production and the mail man 3-5 days depending on where you live. If you have waited more than two weeks do not hesitate to contact us on this e-mail address whereismypad (at) noidpad.com

Does it work with laser mice?

Some laser mice manufacturers recommend certain colours or patterns that you may consider when designing your own noidpad. If you feel uncertain in your particular case please check with the manufacturer of your mouse to see what they recommend. To help you out we have tested our own designed pads with some of the most used and popular mice on the market including laser mice, which you can see in the mouse pad description before you purchase the product at the bottom of the page. We also recommend most users to keep the mouse drivers updated.